Does giving up make you weak and staying mean you’re strong?

I’m sure everyone has had a day or million where they want to just say screw this shhhi…..nanagins lol. Then go back and forth with the decision of whether they’re going to walk away or just try harder the next day. As time goes by one or two things end up happening. You either adaptContinue reading “Does giving up make you weak and staying mean you’re strong?”

Is being “real” too much?

I am the capitalized Queen of keeping it 💯. Don’t ask me to tell you the truth because I may or may not be able to control what will come out of my mouth next. I’m all team you. The you being whomever I’m close with. Whether it be family or friends. And I willContinue reading “Is being “real” too much?”

Woke up with a million dollar mind

I got up this morning with a million dollar mind. And maybe a solid $50 in my purse. Since I’m pretty good at math most times I figured let me add this a couple of times. Then bam I ended up with a few million lol. Ok in reality I woke up tripped off ofContinue reading “Woke up with a million dollar mind”

Live life and enjoy every moment 😁

I could just say I’m sitting in the house bored. Oh yea and lonely considering I’m super single especially on nights like tonight. You know the extra breezy long nights. Buuuttt I won’t lol mainly due to pride or maybe just because I’m speaking positive vibes into the uuuunnniiiivveerrrssse. Too much lol maybe. Well whatContinue reading “Live life and enjoy every moment 😁”